Mom style...nothin' to be ashamed of...

Some people scrapbook, craft, garden, collect things, antique, and the list goes on and hobby lately has been upcycling my current wardrobe in an effort to make mom style cool again...bring the cool back to mom jeans, if you know what I mean!  However, when it comes to a budget for fashion, let's just say it is about slim to none, when I have extra money, it goes to my kids (who can't turn down a fluffy little tutu in lemon?). 

But I love to get dressed in the morning, to me it is the same as making my bed.  I make my bed every morning (Scott asks me why since it just gets unmaid every night) and my answer is always the same, it helps me feel ready for the day - separate day from you know what I mean?  When I get dressed in a cute outfit, I feel put together, ready to conquer the world (or atleast the 2 little ones I have at home), and am confident for the day ahead! 

I used to be scared of the word fashion, there were so many people more fashionable than me...BUT the older I get, the less I care about the world around me.  I have to find what makes God and me happy!  Now fashion to me is not where I find beauty, there is a great scripture, I recently memorized that speaks to that clearly...

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles or the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes, instead it should come from your inner self.  The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that is of great worth to the Lord.  1 Peter 3:3-4

Beauty comes from the inside and radiates out, fashion and what we wear on the outside should only enhance, magnify or illuminate what lies underneath...

So why care about fashion...

When I had Vera and I looked into her beautiful eyes, I knew I wanted to teach her, show her, and help her to see the beautiful young woman God uniquely made her to be.  I also know that mothers play an influential role in how their daughter's perceive themselves.  In a nutshell, Vera is watching me and my actions I take toward my body, If I treat it as the Holy Spirit's dwelling place and love it, nourish it and care for it as a piece of God's mighty art work, she will see my actions and hopefully follow suit.  We know actions speak louder than words.

So with that being said, I recently sat down with my local MOPS chapter to discuss the tips, trends and talking points of budget-friendly fashion for mamas!  I thought I would share with you too...

Summer 2012 Trends

Closet Staples

Some Additional Statement Pieces (don't splurge here - more trendy)

My Top 10 Tips:
  1. Check your motives with God 1st, fashion should not be where we gain our self-worth or find our beauty!  1 Peter 3:3-4
  2. It is not about how much money you spend…you CAN be fashionable on a budget!
  3. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit, so it is our job to take care of it
  4. Be true to who you are, look at what’s in but know your style and how you can incorporate into your wardrobe - you don't need to buy the whole outfit off the manequin, chance are you have what you need to make the super cute outfit at home with just 1 of the items!
  5. Love what you buy, don’t impulse buy…if you need to, take it home and look in your closet, to see if it really work and don't feel bad about taking things back, I am horrible about on the spot shopping, I need some time to digest and think about outfits!
  6. Consult trusted friends/family - my mom, sister, and sister-in-law get texts from dressing rooms asking if this pair of pants or shirt looks okay - even better they shop with me and get me out of my comfort zone...if you don't know ask a friend or if you see a style on someone you don't know, compliment them and ask them where they got it!  It will make them feel good and you learn - win-win in my book!
  7. Rule of thumb is to think of 6-7 things to make up an outfit
  8. Look for coupons, deals and steals…I NEVER pay full price, it will go on sale sooner than later (sign up for store emails so you can keep an eye out)!  Shop from the back to the front of the store - their best deals are in the back OF COURSE! 
  9. Don’t just shop willy-nilly, know what you need, what you are looking for and stick to that!  I have a list of things I want and need - I shop from that, otherwise I end up with a lot of really cute tank tops and nothing to go with them ;)
  10. Jean/pant shopping – go out by yourself and take EVERY pair of pants into the dressing room, I just took 30 pairs in one day I swear but I came out with one pair I really loved so it was worth the time!Get over the number on the label – it is very subjective and you are the only one that knows the size you are!  Remember you are BEAUTIFUL IN GOD'S EYES!!!!

My favorite places to shop for good deals:

ü  TJ Maxx/Marshall’s – you have to dig and you might not find something every time

ü  Target – look online for coupons for clothing

ü  Old Navy – great clearance section, good prices for trendy items

ü  Forever 21 – have great trendy and cheap jewelry, etc (you don't have to be 21 or under to find cute accessories there!)

Remember to take a risk, we are our own worst critic, no one in their right mind is going to come up and say "You look awful today!"  Chances are they will say, I really like your outfit!  Come on mamas, let's take the fashion world jeans are cool and it is okay to look cute in the midst of spit-up, toys and fun...dress-up is not just for the little ones, sneak into your closet at nap time and whip up a cute little outfit - trust me there will be a little pop in your step when you do!