Just a little project called the swing set...

About a month ago, we pulled the trigger, forked over some cold hard cash (rather a credit card) and purchased this swing set for our kiddos.  We ended up going with a Rainbow brand box kit.  Although, many of their sets (which they showed us first) start at $5000, we told them we were more in the market of a kit we could build ourselves and then they escorted us to the 2nd backroom showroom with the "cheap" stuff and alas we found our good ole "ford" model!  What sold us on this kit was EVERYTHING was included, no nickel and diming for every swing, bolt and accessory - it was one set price for everything which can NOT be said for the vast majority of swing sets out there.  Many places such as Menards will quote you a price but then you factor in buying wood, the slide, swings, etc. and the total adds up QUICKLY.  Plus, this came pre-stained, wood pre-cut with rounded edges and pre-drilled...made assembly MUCH easier for Scott and his dad!
Also, the 2 women (Nana and myself) participated by suggesting insisting that we take time the night before (after the kiddos went to bed) to sort the large bags of hardware and and 2 large boxes of wood labeled H102 and 331, etc...which the boys later told us was the greatest thing that we had ever done for them (well maybe that is an exageration but they were very appreciative).
We, of course, chose the last weekend in April thinking it would be beautiful just like all spring but as you can see by their attire and head gear, it was the chilliest it has been since January!  But they worked hard and got the structure assembled from about 9AM - 6PM on Saturday!  Good job!

We have been enjoying it ever since and note we are back to wearing shorts!  There are just a few details left to batton down but the kiddos are enjoying swinging together, going down the slide, up the rock wall, and hanging in the "clubhouse"!

Solon likes having a "park" in his backyard...and so do we!