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Being a BIG brother...

Friday, May 18, 2012
Being a big brother is not for the faint of have to share your toys, sing to a crying baby, share mommy's lap, keep your toys out of the reach of little hands, occasionally tackle, make funny faces, read books, kiss her goodnight, go in and say good morning, play in the bathtub together, pass down your old toys, kiss and hug her and tell her you love name a few...luckily Solon gets an A+. He was born to be the best big brother and I know the cat fights are coming but in this moment I am going to bask in the love these 2 have for one another...because as much as he loves her, she loves him and there is just something special watching the relationship between siblings blossom...
Solon got this little red car when he was V's age and now he likes to drive her around...and pop a wheelie or two (don't worry we were RIGHT there)...and she LOVED it of course...she would bob up and down to signal more!

...and then of course Daddy would take Solon on a super duper crazy ride to complete the night!
2 comments on "Being a BIG brother..."
  1. What a great big brother and what fun pictures, I love the one where the car is tipping! :)

  2. I just about peed my pants in the one of Solon popping a wheelie with Vera!! I bet you were peeing, too!!!!! Ha! ;)


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