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Vera is 7 months old...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our little Miss is now 7 months old and is growing and learning something new every single day...this month milestone has been hard on me - one month closer to her 1st brithday than the day she was born...I am trying to relish every time I get to rock her to sleep, nurse her and snuggle her close, time seems to go too fast but I say that every month so on to what Vera is up to this month...
  • Vera went throught sleep training 101 this month and although it was taxing on all of us Vera is now sleeping through the night (you read that correctly)...She has a hiccup wake-up every now and then but she puts herself to sleep for the most part!  This is a huge step in the right direction and we are all happier about the extra sleep!
  • She is sleeping from 8:00PM-7:00AM and then takes a cat-nap for about an hour in the morning and takes a good nap in the afternoon from 1-3:30PM
  • Nurses every 3-4 hours for a total of 5 times during the day
  • She is just now switching to size 3 diapers and we go through about 4 a day
  • She can sit up all on her own but doesn't stay put long - she can get herself on to her belly in a juffy and roll anywhere she wants
  • She can turn her body 360 degrees and grabbing for everything
  • She is grabbing for all things non-baby - baby-proofing is in order!
  • She tried baby num-num's but was not a fan
  • She likes sweet potatoes, prunes, applesauce, carrots, green beans, bananas, and oatmeal but not a fan of peaches or peas and will gag over and over if we try! 
  • She eats prunes once a day to keep her intestines happy - we are also trying cucumber (after a tip from the acupuncturist) to help her moisture issues!! :)
  • She loves her toys but prefers Solon's
  • She loves to jump in her jumparoo
  • Still loves to be held and only likes to play on her own for short stints
  • Does not love to be in her car seat when not movingand almost ready to sit in the cart - then I don't know how I will shop (I just figured the way I do it now recently :) - ah!)
  • Loves to read books with Solon and go to storytime
  • Thinks Solon is the funniest thing ever
  • She is ticklish now
  • Loves her toes and takes socks off all the time
  • In mostly 6 month clothes but wearing a few 9 month outfits (mostly because they are wintery and want to get some use out of them!)
  • Slept through the night for the 1st time on a road trip in a pak n'play at Easter - wahoo!
  • Still keeps her headbands on her head most of the time
  • Goes to the church nursery regularly now but stays with mom at bible study!
  • She finally noticed our dog Cy and got some licks the othe day
  • Has been throwing a fit every time I leave her at the gym, the other day she wouldn't quit until I showed up and then stopped and smiled...can I say stinker?  She is a MAMA's girl
  • Threw her first temper tantrum when I took something away from her the other day - WOW!
We love our little lady.  She is definitely developing an opinion about life but is happy, smiley and bubbly 95% of the time unless she is hungry, tired or missing mama!  We are so blessed to have her and love her more than she will ever know!  Happy 7 months baby girl - let's slow this next 5 months down you are growing up TOOOOO fast!
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