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My kid the comedian...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Okay so I know everyone says that their kids say the "darndest" things and they have the funniest kids ever, but Solon TOTALLY loves to make people laugh, he gets that from me and so he is quite the ham these days...and when you start laughing, he will repeat what he said OVER and OVER and OVER again for cute and funny!

So the other day I gave Solon some almonds and he said "thanks mom for the big nuts" then he wanted his window down and I said no because it was too windy and he said "yeah, don't want my big nuts to fly away".  I about DIED laughing so hard!!!

We sing the song "Viva Las Vegas" but change the word Viva to Vera and when Solon sings it, it sounds like "Vera Las Begas" = HILARIOUS!

He was trying to find something the other day and couldn't and he said "oh dang it!" Hmm...wonder what mommy says?

He has also been saying things like "You are so funny daddy" and "You make me laugh" and "Don't be a silly goose!"

I might have to start doing weekly installments so I don't forget all the funny things he says and does...because they may not be funny to anyone else, but they are funny to me and I want to remember them forever!  And just because no blog post is complete without pictures of my are a few....

The other day after we were done changing a diaper, Solon and I thought it would be funny to have her wear her pants on her head...
And now "V" has to be in on the action some all of the time...I try to tell her she is little and bitty but she thinks she is rough and tumble...
...and this my friend's is my best attempt at what Solon does any time his favorite Cars song comes on - "Real Gone" by Sheryl Crow - he "drives" around the house crashing into things just like Lightning McQueen...whenever that song is one, all Scott and I think of is Grace and Lance singing their hearts out karaoke-style (oh the Aussie memories :)!
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