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Coloring Eggs...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(I hesitated to put this picture on the blog but in full disclosure I did - I was NOT showered or dressed unlike everyone else :)!  Oh well it was a holiday right????

What Easter is complete without dying your hands all shades of the rainbow in an effort to get the most beauitul egg.  We even tryed a pinterest project and use rubberbands to get a different effect.  My sister got extra crafty and used newspaper letters to put on the egg to spell "Easter"...always uping the game in the egg department!  Solon enjoyed it thoroughly!  In true Port tradition, we ate these on Easter morning and just like I did the first year, Ellen said "what??".  We never ate our dyed eggs growing up....but they were tasty and the rest got made into deviled eggs - yummy!

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