Vera is 6 months old...

I mean how is life not perfect when you stare at that beautiful little miss that God created just for you to raise, disciple and love unconditionally - what a mighty task and what a sweet girl.  We are blessed beyond words....let me regain my composure and tell you what is up with our very special little lady in month 6 :)

Well this last picture sums up our little lady - she is a moving and shaking machine these days and gone are the days where she will sit and smile for the camera :)!  Luckily my new camera takes speedy shots of her sweetness :)
She is just a lovable, happy, smiley all the time kind of gal and we love her so much and squeeze her and hug her everyday because she is growing way too fast in our opinion.  We are so thankful to God for her and her brother - what a true blessing from Above they are!