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Solon the Skiing Man....

Thursday, March 29, 2012
Anya (our great hostess) with Vera, Solon and Erin

If you ask me...Whistler, BC is not a bad place to learn how to ski!  Solon thought it worked just fine as well...we started off skiing down the hill from the condo and then got his FREE ticket (yes they are free until they are 6 on a "tot ticket") before embarking on our first chairlift ride.  He did fine and hopped right on, they didn't have to slow the down the chair (although it was already going at snail speed but alas they did not stop it for us - and it stops frequently!).

Can you spot us coming down the mountain.  It took the first day of me holding him between my legs for him to get the feel of the motion...boy were my quads burnin'!  Then the 2nd day he kind of could stand up straight and balance with his arms out...or maybe it was the cool helmet cover Grandma got him that looked like a kids have helmet covers!

Here it looks like he is a rag doll puppet and yes I kind of held him up with the harnass (greatest invention EVER) in the 2nd phase of learning...

Hopping on the chairlift - hoping we don't strangle ourselves or get hooked by the harnass...

A successful departure...Solon loved the ride and So did mama (a great way to rest the burning quads and back :) - He also wanted to help put the bar down and up - such a first born and rule follower!

And by about the 3rd run on the 2nd day he was skiing with the harnass fully let out.  His legs are still too small to have the muscles to point them into a pizza but by next winter they will be stronger and he will be old enough to go to ski school which means mama's legs are more or less, somewhat off the hook!

It was pure joy carrying on the family tradition of teaching the young the love of skiing.  Solon would have continued up and down forever but our bellies started growling and it was time for lunch.  He has asked almost everyday since we got home when we can go again - I would call that a success!  I think he is going to be smoking us before long!
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