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Our Australian Adventure: Day 8...

Thursday, March 8, 2012
The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House from the harbor...
The Sydney Harbor Bridge
Circular Quay (pronounced Key)
At Circular Quay after Manly Beach...

We had a fun and adventurous Sunday with the Malin's.  We started off by going to their church, Hillsong (home of the Christian recording artists "Hillsong United").  It was one of the coolest moments I have had as a Believer...it was an amazing worship set and was a melting pot of peole from around the world worshipping our mighty Savior.  It was amazing to think we were half way around the world in a different country but God was still the same mighty God and He loves all the way around the world....SO COOL!  A lady got saved right next to us and the couple in front of us were reading from a chinese bible on their iPhone :)!  Solon had his own classroom for his age and they had an indoor and outdoor space the size of our whole sanctuary...there were probably 50 2 year olds there and about 20 adults....you checked out with matching stickers and took them - very secure!

Then after church, the boys headed to get these amazing sandwiches while us ladies went home and got the kids ready for Manly Beach.  We then headed over to hop on the 12PM train but there was some construction so it was a bit of snafu BUT we made it to Circular Quay after crossing over the Harbor Bridge to witness for the 1st time the Sydney Opera House, something you see all over the place but never think you will see in real life - it was very surreal! 

We got on the Manly Ferry which gives spectacular views of the harbor bridge, opera house, the rocks and downtown - better than paying $$$ for the guided tour (reminded me of when we took the Stanton Island commuter ferry to see the Stature of Liberty when we were in NYC).  We enjoyed taking in all the views of the harbor before arriving at Manly Beach, a quaint little beach town with LOTS of shopping, a street fair, little fountains on the main drag all capped off by a very busy but fun beach.  The kids had fun playing in the sand and ocean while us adults watched.  It was packed because of the Australian Open surfing competition (and I did not take pictures - I don't know why).  We played for a while before a short rainstorm blew in and then we headed back down the main drag doing a little shopping, stopping for some yummy ice cream and then hopping the ferry back home!  We had a little more snafu with the train situation on the way home so we were all beat when we arrived home at 8PM to eat some eggs and toast before sending the kids to bed - those eggs tasted amazing by the way!

Another AMAZING day in Australia...
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