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Our Australian Adventure: Day 5...

Sunday, March 4, 2012
Day 5 was kind of a travel day but here is the view from our hotel...Cairns is kind of in a bay (in picture above and where we got on our GBR cruise - my parents stayed at the hotel on the left in the picture) and none of the hotels are really on the beach but on the "Esplanade".  The reason is there are man-eating crocodiles (I have a picture of one coming up - in captivity of course) and those deadly jellyfish...SO you swim in pools.  The town of Cairns is very outdoorsy and we saw people working out constantly in the park below us (despite temps in the 100's).  They also had a zero-entry pool built next to the bay and pumped in salt water.  It had fountains and portions were covered with canopys for sun protection...we wish we could have gone but our days were full with excursions.  There were many seafood restaurants and shops on the esplanade as well.

And I had to blog about this coffee - Australia has AMAZING coffee....I never splurge on coffee in the US and think it is kind of waste (sorry to you Starbucks fanatics - I get one once in a great while) BUT I had to have coffee there EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It was SO good.  We got a recommendation from the concierge about "BANG" coffee. The people were so friendly and knew us after day 1.  It was delish...I am craving some just thinking about it!
Oh and Vera found her feet while we were in Cairns...she loves to be in diaper only and loved being in summery clothes so she could munch on her toes (now that we are home, she is always pulling her socks off so she can eat her toes)....

The rest of day 5 was spent traveling back to Sydney...Josh picked us up from the airport and Raquel whipped up a delicious Lebanese-inspired meal (which was amazing) while the kids played in their backyard and we talked the night away...
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