Our Australian Adventure: Day 3....

The Great Barrier Reef
North Queensland, Australia
We headed out on a large ferry boat to the Great Barrier Reef and what we didn't realize was that the reef is about 60 km offshore SO our tour stopped about halfway at Green Island.
Our sweetie on board her 1st boat...
When we got to Green Island we went to the pool BECAUSE at this time of year it is not only scorching HOT there are also deadly (yes deadly) jellyfish in the water SO it was not safe to hang out on the beach hence why we were in the pool on a tropical, beautiful blue-water surrounded island.  Solon and Vera absolutely loved the pool.  We were also photographed CONSTANTLY by many Asian travelers, we are assuming but don't know for sure that they had never seen caucasion babies before but they took pictures of our kiddos NONSTOP ALL DAY LONG...they were all around the pool while we were swimming snapping away - RANDOM and kind of obnoxious by the end of the day!
 Vera loved her 1st experience with water - she is a water baby just like the rest of her family!
After Green Island, we got back on the boat and both kids took a little hour nap.  It was a beautiful scene to be surrounded by blue water and the wind in your hair.
We headed out to this large pontoon that they have docked in the reef area.  They hook the boat to it and there are lounge chairs, the buffet, and snorkeling platform.  We also got our sting suits so that we would be safe from the deadly jellyfish...they are only there in the Aussie summer months...
Since we had the 2 kiddos we took turns snorkeling, since it took such a long time to get out there we only had about 3 hours to snorkel and Scott did most of the snorkeling because he LOVES it.  I went once and enjoyed swimming over a 3 ft shark (oh no I actually peed my pants and swam quickly in the other direction) and then after was so excited!  The coral was pretty but not as bright as other corals we have seen but the fish were really cool and a huge variety with some gynormous ones!
The perk of our cruise for our family was there was a semi-submersible so Vera, Solon and I could go in that and take a look around in comfort and I got a few shots while juggling 2 kiddos.  It was much cooler than the photos give it credit for.  We saw lots of fish, jellyfish and coral.

You could see the coral reef span out around us, it spans the whole coast of North Queensland.  When we flew in and out of Cairns you can see it.  It really is quite amazing.  The coral takes 1000's of years to form into the amazing large formations that we saw.  I think another way that would be cool to see the reef is by helicopter (take note all future Aussie travelers!).

It was a great day on the reef.  We stayed in the shade for the majority of the day and avoided burns.  In Cairns, the average temperature while we were there was in the high 90's but it felt more like the 100's.  You would start sweating the moment you walked outside.  Even our little babe's were sweating, lots and lots and lots of water for us!

We are so glad we can say we saw and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef...