Our Australian Adventure: Day 11...

Grace had her all-school swim carnival (which she won some ribbons for - way to go Grace!) SO we ventured to Sydney on our own to explore Darling Harbor.  Darling Harbor was revitalized for the Sydney Summer Olympics and houses most of the city's tourist museums, aquariam, lots of restaurants, boat tours and a great brand new park which Solon ENJOYED (it was heaven to him and his civil enginneering daddy).
We camped out at this park for a good 2 hours and we could have stayed all day.  It was pretty busy for a Wednesday morning but we talked to the park manager and he said there are people EVERYWHERE on the weekends and holidays (I can see why - it is so cool).
Solon re-routing the water in the rivers area....there were waterfalls and dams and all these different "rivers" to walk and splash in.
Then we went over to the fountains area and let him run around like a crazy man - good thing I brought a change of clothing in case of a potty training accident - we needed it!
We were getting hungry so we made our way to Chinatown's Paddy's indoor market (everything and anything you ever thought you didn't need was sold there) and then headed to BBQ King to have some Chinese BBQ.  We tried peking duck for the 1st time ever and it was pretty good...
Chinese BBQ has the meat hanging in the window...I would probably not have gone there but it got rave reviews from the Malin's and it was really good especially the pork and fried rice!
We made our way to the Queen Victoria Building and Westfield Plaza (home of the Sydney Tower  shopping metropolis).  We were getting pretty tired at this point and Solon wanted to ride the monorail so we gave our feet a rest and rode that around a small loop of Sydney twice before trying to walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens (but we didn't make it because someone turned into a pumpkin and we knew it was time to head home - our kids did really well napping on the go ALL week!).
When we got home we were treated to a real Aussie BBQ...mixed meats, sausages, lamp chops to name a few with different types of deli salads and fruit.  We enjoyed eating out of their patio in good Aussie fashion.  As the Aussies say - "Cheers!"