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Our Aussie Adventure: Day 13 Part 1...

Friday, March 16, 2012
Our last day (technically) and it was a full day at that, so much so that I have to split it into 2 parts :)!  We headed to the beach.  Surprisingly, out of all of the amazing things we saw and did, I think this might be one of the best days!  We went to Whale Beach about 1 hour from the Malin's doorstep and it was worth the drive....it was cut into the cliffs and just beautiful.  And of course it was extra special because the kiddos were able to take the day off of school (hooky?) and join us - wahoo!  The sun, mid-80s and lots and lots of fun!
Vera was ready to go in her new yellow striped bathing suit and polka-dot rash shirt - how do babies look so dang cute in stripes and polka dots :)!
Solon sported his new Aussie lifeguard swimsuit and rash shirt that the Malin's got him as well!  He was flashing a bit of bum crack all day but by summer they should fit perfectly...They have a lifeguard team on duty at all beaches and you have to swim between the designated flags.  They are very serious about their job and keep a close eye on everyone...one of the lifeguards let the boys sit on his ATV :)
The boys spent the majority of their day jumping in the sand and the water rolling in while Grace preferred the big waves with Uncle Scott and Aunt Erin.  We got some good waves on the boogie boards and enjoyed jumping the waves!

Of course Auntie Raquel and Mommy dipped Vera's toes in the ocean but she preferred her position in our arms...HAPPY BABY!

Shortly after these pictures Vera cashed out for a good nap in the sun tent while we all had a picnic lunch and continued soaking up the sun and sand.  Oh and I did a POOR job of sunscreening myself and Solon's face...we all went home with red spots and my legs were the color of a cooked lobster - ouch!
Around 2:30 we headed to the car to head home so that we could get everyone washed and ready to go so us parents could go out on a date night and that my friends is part 2.....

What a fun day down under....
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