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Our Aussie Adventure: Day 12...

Thursday, March 15, 2012
We started our day by heading to the local shopping center Castle Hill to do a little shopping...since they are in opposite seasons, I snagged some good deals for the kiddos and myself for this summer (I needed some new things as I have been prego 2/3 last summers).  Their shopping mall had a grocery store in the basement so you could do a little of all types of shopping at the mall - it was also sectioned off by price point and type of store - interesting!   It was funny walking into a mall and not recognizing any of the stores!  I kept asking Raquel, "So what is this store like?"

We quickly headed home and gave Raquel the must knows for our kiddos and then we headed downtown to Sydney by train for our bike tour...

We biked over 10 km in the city center...we even had our tour guide to ourselves - just the 2 of us - so (as Scott said) I could ask a million questions :) and I asked away...best way to learn (right teachers???)
We stopped at so many beautiful stops along the way - had to get one picture with our helmets on :)  I had been on a bike tour similar to this in Paris and loved it so I knew we would enjoy seeing the city this way.  The best part is so much of what you want to see is by walking only but they have bike permits to go there so you can see more in a short period of time....highly recommend Bonza bike tours and Jemma our tour guide (which is a very popular aussie name).
The top floor is where Nicole Kidman lived until recently...these are located under the Harbor bridge and come with a yacht slip outside your front door....they go for multi-millions!
Darling Harbor
Chinatown - not until we got here did we realize we missed the main street of Chinatown the day before (oops) good thing we hit it on this trip...
We biked all the way around Sydney back up to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie's chair which supposedly has the best views in Sydney of the harbor...it was pretty spectacular!
The gardens also houses a VERY large population of flying foxes aka bats.  They are endangered species so they are protected but there are so many they are killing the trees...a codundrum I tell you!
We pedaled by the Sydney Opera house - so we got to see it from every angle and at all times of day!  It never gets old passing the icon by!  We pedaled our way through Circular Quay and back through the rocks before making our way back to the bike tour office.  We were pretty tired after our long bike ride and grabbed a quick snack in the train station before heading home.  We would have grabbed dinner but we had no cash and food places only take cash....

Another great day in Sydney - we learned so much - which we love!  You can appreciate so much more the places you visit when you know all about them and why they are the way they are!

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