Only the best for you...kind of...

I got to thinking I blog a lot about my kids and boast all about them daily and all that we are up to (well they are the best things ever, I know I know, only my opinion).  One of my friend's once commented, "You do the coolest things, you are the best mom!" 

It got me thinking, we often times only show the best side of ourselves to the public (in my case the 5 readers that frequent this blog :).  We reveal the parts we are proud to show off, the best moments, the shiney, beautiful, praise worthy parts of our lives. 

When you read a blog you are inclined to think "WOW! they lead a perfect, sweet little life".  I, by no means, live a rough life or have many trials but like anybody else don't wake up on the right side of the bed every morning nor do my children.  Just this week, Vera decided to stop pooping.  I mean really, who decides to stop pooping????  Then Solon decided to stop pooping in the toilet, seriously, who decides it's better to sit in poop in your pants? REALLY!?!  Are you grossed out see our life is not always sweet, it can actually be quite smelly and frustrating. (I mean FRUSTRATING :) :) :)  (but then I close my eyes and pray)

But the point of this post is to let you know - we struggle, we have our ups and downs.  But I also stopped competing a long time ago with the next mom because God made us all unique.  It is actually kind of perfect the way God designed it (Kudos GOD) because He created me to be the perfect mama to my 2 kiddos and you to be the best mom to your kids.  Now if we were all the same that would not be any fun because we couldn't learn from one another but His design was never for competition or envy. 

So please never think I am trying to make myself look good (frankly running on little sleep it would be hard to do anyway :), frankly life is too busy and short to worry about that. If you read my blog know that  I blog so that I can focus on the postive, memorable parts of my life - the parts that when I look back on I will remember because sometimes we get down in the weeds of the day to day muck of it all and forget to get out and above and see the beauty of it all which is all that is left when it becomes a memory.  One day TOO soon, I will dream of the days of rocking my non-pooping child to sleep and wish I was knee-deep in dirty wipes because someday soon they will be off thinking somebody else is the coolest instead of their dear old mom....So please never feel as though we live a perfect, happy, tidy little life but instead know I am probably typing with 1 kid on my leg an the other running circles nearby and wishing my pot of coffee wasn't ice cold before I got to it!  Life can be messy at times but it is about finding the very best and meditating on that and knowing you are exactly the mom God designed for this family...because before long that it will be all over and we will wish we spent less time worrying and more time just enjoying!

And above all else praise God because He is the one that has give us this life we are living and is teaching us all the time to choose the best and let the rest just go!

Okay enough of that soap box I am on, I need the reminder just as much as the next guy BUT Solon needs his stool back...and I am sure the next post I will be back to talking all about my 2 precious, adorable gifts from GOD - so no worries I am done rambling!!!