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Off to Canada we go...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
 I know some people thought we were crazy to go on another trip after just returning home from Australia BUT this opportunity was given to us by my generous parents and with Scott working CRAZY hours at work right now, it worked out for the kids and I to go while he worked non-stop (poor Guy but the end is in sight - kind of)....So we went to visit Whistler, British Columbia.  Good thing we had the passports...

My sister and I flew to Denver from Des Moines and met my parents there and then we all headed together to Vancouver. From there a van took us into the mountains along the fjords of Canada to Whistler.  It was the most beautiful trip.  Luckily the van came with a DVD player so Solon enjoyed some viewing pleasure!

We had a long layover in Denver SO we rode the train around the full circut about 10 times.  Solon was in heaven "driving" the train and we could all relax and talk.  A couple of people asked if we missed our stop :)!
When we arrived to Whistler we were greeted by some great family friends, the Abercrombie's who own 2 condos (and rent them out) there.  Solon, Ellen, Vera and I had our own condo to spread out in which was great!  After unpacking and saying hello, we headed off to get fitted for skis.  Since we only ski once a year if that we just rent our skis.  Solon had to get his skis since he was going to learn how for the 1st time!  Very exciting stuff I tell you....doesn't he look excited?!?!

Whistler is just beautiful and is recieving lots of late winter snow due to the same system that is giving Iowa the 70's degree weather we have been having - made for great skiing conditions!
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