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Don't take your double stroller on vacation...

Sunday, March 18, 2012
So the only major snafu of the whole vacation was the dang double stroller.  From the moment we checked in to our flight, I should have known it was going to be a thorn :)!  We have never traveled with 2 kiddos before.  In the past when we traveled, we have always taken our single chicco stroller and they let us gate check it with no problem.  I have seen other double strollers in airports so I never thought to check the airline's website to see if they were allowed.  Oops - first mistake.  They don't allow double strollers to be gate checked but they will check it as checked luggage for free which is okay but not ideal when you are traveling in big airports....
When I travel to Canada, I am taking 2 single strollers so my sister/mom will push one kiddo and I will push the other...should be interesting but atleast they can ride :)

My suggestion to all those traveling is to take 2 umbrella strollers or a double umbrella stroller type that folds much more compactly and then call ahead just to double check...a little advice from 1 mama to another :)
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