We're back and the pictures are downloaded...

In Front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge (spanning 1 KM and longest steel bridge in the world)
We are a bit jetlegged and on a vacation hangover...this might be the best vacation to date and we have taken some memorable ones - not just because of the unbelievable location but because of our AMAZING, out of this world, fabulous hosts that treated us like gold for 2 weeks.  We were not sick of being away from home, in fact I would go back tomorrow if I could.  I HIGHLY suggest visiting Australia, it far exceeded my expectations.  The people are amazing and super kid friendly.  We did some fun, wild and wacky things and I can't wait to share but until then...I will leave you with some of our favorite sayings and noteable quips from down under...

Shark Biscuit - Novice surfer
Take a wee - use the restroom
Gorgous flesh - beautiful
Nappie - diaper
Uni - College/University
Ute - El Camino type truck that run rampant there
Cheers - could mean good-bye and all sorts of other things
Pram - stroller
Grocery cart - trolley
morning and afternoon tea - morning and afternoon snacks

They have the worlds best coffee - simply delightful
They only serve tea hot - no iced tea
Amazing fish and seafood and love their lamb :)
Everything has an -ie and normally abbreviated on the end like you hear BBQ as barbie :)
A big melting pot but many Asians, some Middle-Easterners
Kind of pricey - probably because they import a lot (dinners at a normal place ranged about $20-$30)
Lots of bugs - you are in the rainforest after all
HUGE spiders (but those are the harmless ones :)
Qantas airlines is the most friendly child accomodating airline - they let us board first and every airplane they had a bassinet for Vera (even within Australia), handed Solon an activity pack, and had free MEAS on every flight and movies - CRAZY!

We absolutely fell in love with the country and its people, don't get me wrong, we were proud to walk back into the US Customs and come home to the country we love but the Malin's are in an amazing place!!!!

More to come soon - I filled my memory card and deleted along the way - I think I took a total of 1,000 photos - just you wait :)