Vera is 5 months old (a little late)....

I will apologize for the multitude of pictures but she is just getting so fun to photograph and her little personality shines I just couldn't choose :)!  (Spoken from a smitten mom)
Both of my kids smile with their WHOLE mouth :)
Seriously mom isn't that enough pictures?
Trying to sit up - so close!
....and tumbled over but still SO happy!

With working last time I feel like this time around I am just trying to enjoy every single moment which is impossible I know!  But I just love being with these 2 everyday and am SO thankful I can be home to watch them grow....Our life is simple, ucomplicated, slow-paced (as possible) and that makes me SO happy!  Okay enough of that - on to what Miss V is up to these days!

As you can see we are smitten with this beautiful, smiley, social and totally sweet baby girl!  She makes us smile and I just kiss her and snuggle her as much as possible - slightly spoiled I am sure - oh well.  You can't love babies too much!  We are so blessed and she has been extremely healthy which we don't take for granted!  We love you baby girl!