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Vera is 5 months old (a little late)....

Thursday, February 23, 2012
I will apologize for the multitude of pictures but she is just getting so fun to photograph and her little personality shines I just couldn't choose :)!  (Spoken from a smitten mom)
Both of my kids smile with their WHOLE mouth :)
Seriously mom isn't that enough pictures?
Trying to sit up - so close!
....and tumbled over but still SO happy!

With working last time I feel like this time around I am just trying to enjoy every single moment which is impossible I know!  But I just love being with these 2 everyday and am SO thankful I can be home to watch them grow....Our life is simple, ucomplicated, slow-paced (as possible) and that makes me SO happy!  Okay enough of that - on to what Miss V is up to these days!

  • She now not only likes her rice cereal, but at about 5 pm she starts wailing and eats it up like a little up green veggies!  She eats her cereal only at night so far.
  • She is getting up 1 time at night pretty regularly and if I am feeling strict I rock her to sleep without feeding her but sometimes I just feed her - she will learn and they are only small once, right?  She generally wakes up at 3:30AM but goes to bed around 8:15PM and sleeps until 8AM.
  • She wears size 2 diapers and her poop is not so liquidy anymore (she will kill me someday for telling you :)
  • She wears mostly size 3-6 month clothes but can still wear 0-3 month dresses but she is long so she is starting to have to wear 9 month PJ's (tear :).
  • She takes a good afternoon nap from about 1-3pm (coincides with Solon - sound the cheers!) and 2 catnaps in the morning and an early evening catnap.
  • She is attached to her polka-dot pink blanket and pacifier.
  • She loves bathtime and while on vacation swam for the 1st time and LOVED it.  She was iffy about the ocean water and sand in her toes (she will grow to love it I know)
  • She now grasps at things and loves her floor gym and jumparoo but still prefers to be held
  • She likes to grasp at hair and Auntie Raquel's earrings (this mama doesn't wear them)
  • She likes to "sing along" or coo when we sing
  • She will "talk" to you and babbles a lot
  • She likes to read stories with Solon, mommy and daddy
  • She discovered the TV and is mesmerized (don't worry we don't sit her in front of it but she finally noticed it :)
  • She likes playing with baby toys now and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!
  • Still likes to be rocked and will occasionally sleep in my arms (generally her evening nap - I don't mind one bit)
  • Still a mama's girl (we never had this with Solon because he was in daycare but she definitely wants MOM).
  • We go through about 5 diapers a day
  • She can now roll from tummy to back and back to tummy....and she is always scooched a different direction than where I layed her down
  • Still prefers to sleep on her back in the crib
  • SO close to sitting up but falls forward but tries her best to keep her head up
  • Took her 1st plane ride and international trip to Australia - 1st vacation as a family of 4 :)
As you can see we are smitten with this beautiful, smiley, social and totally sweet baby girl!  She makes us smile and I just kiss her and snuggle her as much as possible - slightly spoiled I am sure - oh well.  You can't love babies too much!  We are so blessed and she has been extremely healthy which we don't take for granted!  We love you baby girl!
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