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Over the Ocean and to the Bush to Auntie Raquel's we go...

Monday, February 27, 2012
Well I figured I should get around to blogging about this amazing trip - we have just been trying to fight off jetleg and get into a good routine again (still a work in progress) but so much to share I wanted to get started....
This was the scene as we departed Des Moines.  The one and only major snow storm we have had in 2012 happened the day we left.  Luckily for us they de-iced our plane and off we went without a delay - Praise the Lord.  The only casualty of the trip was that we had to check our double stroller and they would not let us use it in the airport - BOO!  But another praise God took care of all of our gates and made sure they were all within close walking distance.  AMEN!
Our friends, the Murrays, did not fair so well their flight to Disney World was cancelled.  They went out after us so our kiddos played together while we all waited which was a bonus for Solon!
Skip to 2 flights later (DSM-O'Hare and O'Hare to LAX) and here is Solon at 11:30PM (his body time) eating funyons and juice - I guess we we are on vacation.  Vera had passed out by this point but Solon was still SUPER excited!  They both did STUPENDOUSLY for being 2.5 and 5 months!
Loved this sign because we sure did "enjoy the journey" and I just couldn't believe we were really flying to Australia.  This is one of those places you say "Yeah I would like to visit" but it is REALLY far away - so so so happy we went and I highly suggest going to everyone we meet!
This was Vera's ride aka "the bassinet" kind of freight-like but a true life saver.  Drum roll please she slept 11 of the 13.5 hours of this flight so I highly suggest reserving this!  We also got the bulkhead seats which was a bonus for my tall husband to stretch out!  Qantas is the most kid-friendly airline with little activity packs for each kid, movies and shows on demand that they like, and super friendly staff that come by and ask what you need and they let us board first...

Here was our "Sleeping accomodations" for the night and all of our "stuff".  The guy sitting next to us moved shortly after take-off (not because of us - his TV was broken - he was moved to business - nice).  SO we had 4 seats to ourselves so we could spread out a bit (the arm rests didn't come up in the bulkhead which was a bummer but alas good leg room!).  Solon slept 6 of the 13 hours and Scott and I probably about 5-6...

Overall it seems like a LONG flight and it is but when you are fed 2 meals, go to the bathroom, watch a few movies and sleep - it does go relatively fast.  PLUS we were so excited to see The Malin's it was SO worth it!  Josh picked us up at the airport at about 9:30AM (but I remember telling Scott it felt about 4ish to me - sure enough that was our body time!).  We went over the Harbor Bridge, took in a view of the Sydney Opera House and saw the skyline all on our way to the Malin's house just 20 minutes outside of the city center :)!  We were to their house by 10:30AM and greeted with an amazing brunch and a much anticipated shower for these STINKY travelers (and I am not just saying that).
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