Our Australian Adventure: Day 2...

Before we headed to the airport, we got to take Grace to school and then go to Lance's swimming lessons.  One thing I have always been jealous about is that Raquel finds the coolest swimming places for her kiddos to learn how to swim...this place is devoted to swimming lessons and had a little kid pool.  Lance was in a class with 1 other boy...he is quite the swimmer (as is Grace!).  After the lesson, we had to head home so Josh (our amazing chauffeur for the week to and from the airport - thanks for doing that!) could take us to the airport.  We were bummed to leave the Malin's so soon but we wanted to leave them sooner than later so we could enjoy the rest of the time with them.  We were headed to Cairns (pronounced "Cans") in North Queensland on the northern tip of Australia, home of the Great Barrier Reef.  One of the 7 wonders of the world.  You can't go to Australia without seeing it but what many people don't realize about Australia is that it is the same size as the USA so you have to fly everywhere because of the vast distance.
Flying in Australia is an entirely different experience, you don't have to take your shoes off, Qantas gives you a loaner stroller, no worries about liquids, etc....you can get through security in about 5 minutes.  They always board families first, serve you a meal on all flights including our 3 hour flight to Cairns and show a movie!

Our kids are old pros at flying at this point but Solon was still super duper excited...he loves flying on airplanes!  Vera (as you can see) was a little more sober about the whole thing!).

The time change was catching up to us by the time we got to Cairns and we nearly all fell asleep at dinner so Scott ushered us all to sleep at about 7pm Australian time (and 2AM our body time)...after all we had a big day on the Great Barrier Reef the next day!