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Winter Lake Fun...

Sunday, January 8, 2012
For my family, we have always dreamed of being able to spend the winter on the lake.  At our old lake cabin, it was over 100 years old and just not meant to be used in the winters.  Now that my parents have their new home, we can use the lake all year round - yay!  Minnesota had NO snow when we arrived but with perfect timing it started snowing the morning we arrived.  It made for a picturesque skating and sledding innaugural experience on the lake!
Dad, Ellen and Mom skating and sledding on the lake...
Dad and his 2 daughters...I look so short (note Ellen has ice skates on :)
Dad taking me for a ride - don't worry I gave him a ride next!
Elle and the icy playground aka the lake...
Oh and you remember Solon has a love for the game of golf....note Grandpa and Daddy shoveling the green off - seriously!?!  Someone is spoiled....

For those of you curious about skating on the lake, it was surprisingly smooth and the ice was 8 inches thick.  It was incredibly clear towards shore and you could see through the ice to the sand on the bottom.  We were informed the clearer the ice the stronger it is...we stayed towards the shore but we saw many ice fisherman, snowmobiles and 4-wheelers venturing much further out!  Now we just need to talk my parents into leaving the hot tub running all winter :)
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