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We are alive....

Thursday, January 5, 2012
I am sure some of you are wondering what happened to me....a nearly weeklong hiatus from the blogging world is so not like me!  BUT we went to Minneapolis to see the Wetherbee gang!  We watched the ISU bowl defeat and rung in the new year before heading home on Monday.  The next day Solon came down with a down right awful case of the flu.  High fever and non-stop puking for 24 hours and the fever finally broke after about 72 hours...now he has a sore inside his mouth which he bit while puking and it is infected.  I have done more loads of laundry in this week alone than I think I ever have...note to your mommies out there 1 extra bed sheet is not enough. :)  We have our first round of antibiotic going and Solon is tucked in for a nap...Vera and mommy are close behind but I promise to finish the pictorial recordings of the new year shortly...until then I didn't want you all to be left wondering....
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  1. Super cute new header and back ground!
    I am so so sorry that Solon for so sick! Judson was sick too, but not as bad. But yes we went through all four sets of sheets in the same night. Then I finally thought to put a towel under him! You live you learn! :) I hope that no one else gets it, no fun to pass it around the family!!


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