Vera is getting in on the playdate action...

Friday, January 27, 2012
Did I mention many of my friends and I were pregnant together.  I think there were 2 babies born within 2 weeks of Vera and 5 more within 6 weeks....some still being born and more to come!

We had a fun playdate for our older kiddos but these 3 had fun looking at each other....the girls gave up the tummy time and opted to lay on their backs!  Vera is the oldest by about 5 weeks!  She loves to give smiles and stare at the other little ones - glad she can enjoy playdates too!
1 comment on "Vera is getting in on the playdate action..."
  1. I LOVED this!! So glad that Clara got that picture!! It was so fun to see them "play" and will so much more in the future!


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