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Sibling Love...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Most of the time (**wink) these two have a sweet love for one another...Vera just loves to watch her big brother and flashes him a big smile if he sits still long enough and he loves to give her kisses, help her burp, and talk to her.  The other day I was doing something that could not wait and Vera was crying, Solon walked right up to her and talked to her until I was finished...what a sweet little man (don't worry he was praised profusely :)  Vera especially likes when Solon does something funny so she can do that sweet belly laugh that makes mommy do a combination tearing up/laugh!
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  1. Love that he went to talk to her to cheer her up when you were busy!! What a great big brother!! So fun to watch I am sure!


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