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Lots of Family....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
We were so excited for Vera to meet her Great Aunt Chris, Alex, Casen and Great-Grandma Dingman while we were in Minnesota.  They were just a tad (wink, wink) excited to meet her too!  My grandma and grandpa also came up from Iowa so we had a full house for New Years...Solon had a slumber party with Grandma and Grandpa in his room for a night and they played with flashlights before getting up in the morning :)!
Casen and Solon playing...
Aunt Chris LOVED Vera...
...and the theme continued - Grandma LOVED Vera too...
...and yep one more Great-Grandma loved her too!
We had to do the ceremonial 4 generation picture - first with my dad's parents, my dad, me and Vera!
Then with my mom's mom, mom, me and Vera

We played lots of games of Settlers of Catan, ate, watched football, ate, went ice skating, ate, and did some more eating of yummy yummy yummy food and had lots of fun talking.  We even played Just Dance for the Wii (that is a workout) - we even got the boys to take a turn!  I love these kinds of days where you don't put on make-up, you throw your hair in a ponytail and you don't leave the house for days on end but you don't notice because you are having so much fun reminiscing, talking and just having fun!  It was a great way to ring in the new year!
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