Vera Ann is 3 months Old...

It is hard to believe our little lady is already 3 months old (13 weeks)....It is flying by TOO fast...She is really starting to get her own little personality.  She is very social, prefers to be awake and held, working on napping during the day, still a great nighttime sleeper, growing taller everyday and still has very few rolls on her thighs and luckily for me she is still a peanut!

Here is what she is up to this month:

She is such a blessing and we thank God for her everyday.  She has been super healthy this month and we are thankful for that as well!  We can't wait to celebrate her 1st Christmas this month, her 1st trip to Grandma and Grandpa's and ring in 2012.  She is approaching her 1 year anniversary to the day her heartbeat started beating....she is all I ever dreamed for in a daughter and we are INCREDIBLY blessed!  We love you Vera Ann always and forever :)