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Small group Christmas Dinner...

Friday, December 30, 2011
"Pass the Parcel" Game for the kiddos...
The 3 Amigos - Solon hangs out a lot with these buddies...
Faith (our babysitter) and the kiddos

We LOVE our small group (they are like our in-town family :) so we decided to have a Christmas meal together!  We had the kids play a game, "Pass the Parcel" (a game I learned when I was a kid in Switzerland - you wrap a gift several times and then pass like hot potato and kids take turns unwrapping the layers).  Inside the "parcel" was a box of candy canes to share.  The kids LOVED it.  We have an amazing babysitter, Faith, who watches our kids each Monday night in our basement so we can have some time to really talk about our topic without chasing after kiddos.  She also watches our kiddos too when we go out on dates - she is AWESOME!
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