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"Just a Little Christmas" Pageant...

Monday, December 19, 2011
I cannot believe our little man is old enough to be part of the yearly Christmas pageant at church...but he IS!  They invite all preschoolers (2 years and up) to sing the 1st and last song with the older kiddos!  Solon was a little nervous at first and the 1st practice would not go on stage, the 2nd practice 1st song had to hold mommy's hand and 2nd practice 2nd song hesitantly went up on his own with his buddy....by the performance he was asking to sing with the kids - SUCCESS!  (Now he was too in awe to sing - note his mouth hanging open - but he had fun and so did we :)

Getting ready to sing and waiting with Daddy!
Best buddies being silly while they waited - they are so hilarious together!
Solon's buddy held his hand so Solon would not be afraid (so sweet :)
Can you spot Solon....
2 comments on ""Just a Little Christmas" Pageant..."
  1. They are so cute!! So great that he did such a great job!!

  2. Hilarious!! LOVE his brown sweater! ;)


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