Happy #29 Daddy...

Top 10 Reasons we love Scott...
10.  He brings home the bacon so mommy can stay home - he works hard everyday to ensure we have a warm place to live and food on the table and then some - he is a whiz with finances!
9.  He takes care of the garbage, changes lightbulbs, knows how to change the furnace filter and picks up dog poop - he does all the chores I despise and he does them because he loves us 
8.  He makes us laugh - he is really funny and is always doing something silly to Solon that makes us all laugh
7.  He takes the kids so mommy can have a break from time to time
6.  He comes home for lunch nearly everyday to see the kiddos and generally plays with Solon the whole time while holding Vera
5.  He is so good with Solon.  He always lets him help him with projects around the house.  From installing new doors to painting, he is always teaching Solon something and Solon is so happy when he is at Daddy's side.  He is awesome with Vera too - he changes her poopy diapers, talks to her, snuggles her and is always kissing her forehead (melts my heart)
4.  He is a great husband - loves to watch chick flicks because I like them, will serve me without me asking for help, kisses me good night every night even when I am already sleeping
3.  Is a man of God - he is learning and growing in a bible study and is always reading Solon the bible, singing him popular Christian songs, etc.
2.  Is adventurous and loves to do fun things as a family - can't wait to go on our Australian adventure
1.  He is HIM - he is just a great guy that we are blessed to have as a daddy, a best friend, and husband! 

We love him so much and are so thankful he is ours!  

Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Mommy is surprising you with a date night
(she hired a babysitter and is taking you out for the 1st time since Vera was born!!!!!)