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Vera's Nursery...

Monday, November 14, 2011
When little Lady was born we swung into quick action changing the "boy" nursery into all things "girly"...I like the way it turned out and if need be it can always be turned back into the manly space it once was (wink :)...

Okay so I was a TAD stressed about posting the room photos because I have 1 project left that requires Scott's assistance however he has a large honey-do list and so the oval frame is just hanging where it will once the project is complete.  A fresh coat of bright white paint and some polka dot fabric with a chocolate brown "V" (just envision for now!)  The accessories on her little shelfs all have some sentimental value.  The ballerina statue was mine, the puppy painting my mom painted, a sweet picture of Solon and her, a swet little silver keepsake tin from good family friends, a "Port" mason jar from her great-grandma filled with cotton puffs...

I re-did the valance and added the bow ribbon accents...I used polka dot fabric as the accent in addition to the little birdie bed sheet and pillow from Pottery Barn (you know me I like to make 1 splurge in the room and that was it :)
Doesn't the white wood work look so much better with her decor - love it!!!!
...and a sweet little lady enjoying her bed (kind of - she still sleeps in her bassinet for now)...thought you would like to see her oh so cute tights and the crib sheet.  No bumper for now, once she is a little older we put it in :)

Happy Girly-girl nursery!
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  1. Love it all. I totally see the oval frame with polka dots and a "V"...It's a sweet room for and adorable gal.


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