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Craft Time...

Monday, November 7, 2011
Lately Solon and I have been trying to have a little date each day where he gets my undivided attention...He is really into running around pretending we are trains, playing "tackle", wrestling and other contact sports but he also LOVES to play with play-doh and do crafty things....

We made a ghost lantern out of an applesauce jar, tissue paper and flour paste (aka paper mache)...we then drew on a face after it dried in the sun with a sharpie - he loved lighting it and watching it glow on Halloween night!
...and we have a little abstract artist...he follows after his mama though and gets a wee-bit stressed when his hands get dirty but once I showed him how to finger paint, he was all over it!  We have been rotating out the art on the refrigerator but I have a little DIY/Honey-do project for Scott in our basement to make a floor-ceiling chalkboard wall (with magnet paint) so we can post all of his materpieces in his special kid space in addition to the fridge!
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  1. So fun, love the idea of the magnetic wall too!! I need to get better at activities with Judson as the weather gets colder and we are a inside more and more, especially with little brother around!


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