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My Sweet Pea...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I feel HORRIBLE that I have not had as many "photoshoots" with our little lady :) so I snuck in a little time while Solon and daddy were "playing" (aka wrestling and all things boy :)  She is just so sweet and calm.  I love when she flashes those beautiful blue eyes (just like Solon and daddy) at me and my heart just melts.  She is starting to interact more and more and be more alert as well.  She fits in perfectly to our family and WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!  We are working on her nickname...Solon's is "pumpkin" and I am trying so hard to think of something special just for her and keep his special name for him...we are testing out a few - peanut, sweet pea, little lady...we will let you know what we decide :)
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  1. These pictures are so sweet!! Love to see her eyes and sweet expression!


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