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My husband the Ref...

Thursday, October 6, 2011
 Scott in action...he loves it!
So before Vera was born Solon and I headed out to watch Scott do what he loves to do - ref high school football.  Solon loved watching daddy and his favorite sport "tackling" (oh I mean football).  I have to say when Scott approached me about joining a football crew for this fall I was not very excited about it.  I mean I was going to give birth to a child in the same time frame and this was not part of the picture for me.  HOWEVER, I knew this was something he has ALWAYS wanted to do and the opportunity was too perfect to pass up.  The crew was organized by a co-worker so Scott would not have to find a crew to join and he gets along well with all the other guys and he is really talented at it! SO, I prayed that God would give me a good attitude about it.  I really thought that this would be a learning moment for Scott (not me - how horrible) and that it would not work I thought it would be a complete disaster -- well I am publicly announcing I WAS WRONG.  I am so glad he gets to go out and do something that he loves 2 nights a week for 10 weeks (short season - this week is week 8) - and the money he earns is his "ISU football ticket money" for next year.  God humbled me and I am glad it all worked out - it is nice for us to give our spouses time to do fun things for themselves!  I guess reffing is a pastime here to stay in our household and I have learned a lot about the game myself - nice to have a ref for a husband at football games :)!  I always know what is going on and I have even made a correct call or two myself :)!  So proud of him!
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