An ISU victory over that other IA team :)...

family picture on the field (yes the day before I gave birth I went down on the field with about half of Jack Trice to celebrate...)
Laying on the field with Grandpa...
39 weeks  (I gave birth literally 48 hours later :)
The victorious scoreboard
Love this picture - loving what Grandma had to say!
He got a nice ride on the way back to the tailgate - he was so close to falling asleep up there!

It was a LONG hard fought game and it was very hot.  We went through 4 bottles of water during the 4 hour game.  Solon and I actually were running around in the shade of the concourse during the final we had to listen to the crowd cheers and jeers to know what was going on.  When the Cyclones came out victorious - there was a mass exit of black and gold!  We then fought the exiting crowd down to the field with the rest of the family as is Wetherbee tradition to get pictures and celebrate with Cyclone my family it does not matter if you are about to give birth - it does not exempt you from rushing the field (let's just say I meandered on the field this time).  It was a great game and so glad I "waited" to give birth so we could witness it in person!  A good story for little Miss Vera someday!