ISU Homecoming 2011...

It is always fun to reminisce of days gone by...especially with these guys which we don't get to see too often...especially with 1 in Michigan, 1 in Illinois and 1 in Africa...So good to see Scott's FH fraternity brothers!
Scott's cousin Andrea holding little lady (don't you love her baggy jeggings :)
Great friends - they sure enjoyed catching up - lots of laugh with these boys around :)
Yes - a family picture finally (except for the random guy in the background - he does not belong to us)...3/4 smiling and looking at the camera though is pretty darn good!

Unfortunately the Cyclones lost their 4th straight game but the weather, company and food made it all worth it!  We have 1 more game that we will all attend before the weather turns cold and the "fair weather" fans of the family are out for the season :) 
Have to include a picture of the Camponile...ISU has such a beautiful campus.  We stopped into the bookstore to replenish our ISU gear that has not been updated sadly since we graduated. Everyone but little lady got some new gear (there is not a lot for newborns sadly!).  We drove by where we got engaged and the campus holds so many other great memories, we hope our children find a great college home someday where they can make some special memories too - Scott is hoping they call ISU home :)!  Lucky for him Solon can already do the "Cyclone Power" cheer, sing the ISU fight song with help and cheer "defense" and "tackle"...gotta love the enthusiasm!