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Happy Halloween - Pumpkin Carving...

Monday, October 31, 2011
Yep notice Solon gagging the minute he touched the pumpkin goop...Poor buddy has a strong gag reflex and spent the rest of the time playing while Mom and Dad carved the pumpkins...he did enjoy lighting them and eating the toasted seeds (which I accidentally over-cooked - so much for multi-tasking :)
 Mommy carved him a train pumpkin for Solon (thanks to Auntie Raquel's trick)

Lighting the pumpkins...
...and a smiley girly girl pumpkin with bow on top for Little Lady...She looks thrilled doesn't she???

Happy Halloween
Our little Giraffe (Solon) is not sure he will wear his costume - we will let you know the verdict soon....Little Lady is going as a puppy...
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  1. So bummed that Solon was gagging!! I love the picture of Vera next to her pumpkin! So cute!!


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