Center Grove Orchard: Pumpkin picking and fun...

We have had some abso-tutely beautiful weather this fall and especially this last week - highs in the 80's in October - AWESOME.  We decided to enjoy a day out on the "farm" according to Solon.  He was in heaven as we drove to the Orchard as all the farmers were harvesting and there was farm equipment EVERYWHERE - I have never seen it so busy but the conditions are ideal!  We actually made it out of the house by 8:30 (which is AH-mazing for us with 2 wee ones) so we could be there when it opened it worked out perfect as we had the back area to ourselves and then worked our way out by the time it got crowded!
Little lady enjoyed it and slept through the majority of the trip...she most enjoyed when she got to ride in the Baby Bjorn (she loves that thing)...
Jumping on the "Jumping Pillow" with daddy...he loved it this time as there were only 5 people on it so he could keep his balance a little bit better :)
...and the big slide - I was so excited to take Solon this time as I missed out since I was "carrying" Vera last time!
We each took Solon down twice and he said "wee" and squeeled happily everytime...Solon liked daddy taking him best, I think it was because Daddy gave him a free ride back up the big hill!
This time the pumpkin patch was open and this is the 1st year we took Solon out to pick his own - he especially liked the nasty ones that were rotting - lovely!  He even sat down on this one to get his picture taken - I have him trained so well for photos!
This is our 3rd attempt at this shot - the 1st two he is pushing us out of the frame as he wanted it to be a picture of just him - oh my little "star"...He loved walking in the fields and spying all the gourds and pumpkins!
The perfect "baby" pumpkin for Vera...

It was another great day at the Orchard.  Solon and Scott spent a good 45 minutes in the corn pool while Vera and I chilled out - he would have stayed in there longer but I was getting hungry :)  I am still finding little kernals all over my house as they hitched a ride home with us!  I love fall and once again reminded of what a great place Iowa is for raising kids!