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Big Brother Love...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little lady has a big bro that just loves her SO much.  He likes it when she gets to lay next to him when he gets dressed.  He likes to give her "knuckles" and high-fives, and kisses.  He loves to sing to her and talk to her and play with her cool toys :)!  He even likes to hold her with some  help! He loves to help mommy with throwing things away, getting diapers, picking out her clothes, giving her a bath and pushing her in her swing.  He has really embraced his new role and this little lady loves to watch him!
2 comments on "Big Brother Love..."
  1. Someone once told me that the greatest gift you can give your first born is your second born. They are beautiful children!

  2. The pictures of them together are just so sweet!! He does just seem to lover her so much already!! It will be so much fun to watch their relationship grow. He is and will be such a great big brother!


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