1 Month Old...

Our little lady is 1 month old already.  Where did the time go?  She is a wonderful addition to our family and such a blessing from God.  We are so thankful for her and Praise God for his goodness daily.  She has been an awesome baby.  She, unlike her brother, has her days and nights sorted out and pretty much from day 1 been on a schedule for eating which helps me out a lot with planning our day.  She is a great sleeper and her daily schedule looks something like this:
Wake-up around 7:30 and eat
Sleep time until about 8:30
Wake time 8:30-9
Eat again by 9AM (she is hungry in the morning and at night)
Awake from 9-10 (sometimes more sleepy sometimes less)
Sleep from 10-12PM
Eat at 12PM
Awake from 12pm-1:30PM
Sleep from 1:30-3PM
Eat at 3PM
Awake from 3PM-4PM
Sleep from 4PM-6PM
Eat at 6PM (cluster feeds about every hour at night)
Awake 6PM-8PM (super awake but generally gets crabby at night - all babies it seems have a crabby time - this is hers)
Sleep a bit here and there betwen feedings...
In bed for the night by/around 11PM after 10:30PM feeding
3:30AM Feeding
Awake at 7:30AM
Yes you read that correctly she just gets up 1 time (technically) in the night :) WAHOO!  She even went 7 hours one night but I didn't as I was so worried I kept poking her to make sure she was okay.  She is a very quiet sleeper (unlike her brother) and really doesn't cry when she is hungry...she more grunts and kind of gets restless.  She is still sleeping in our room.  This is always hard for me to put them in their room but I am guessing by 6 weeks we will put her in her room (tear :).  We put Solon in his room because was such a noisy sleeper, not the case this time! 
She has few dislikes except moving her while she sleeps, she does not like to be passed around while napping.  So once she is out, wherever she is - is where she would like to stay.  She does not care for the swing so she sometimes takes snoozes laying in her boppy, bouncer or bassinet (but many times it is in my arms :).  I just know how fast it goes so I am not feeling guilty about soaking up the snuggle time now - she will be big like her brother soon and they dictate cuddle time :). 
She is a bit lazy in the tummy time department and prefers to just lay there staring at us when she should be working on her neck strength but she will lay there for 15 minutes before she gets fussy.  She loves to watch Solon and is starting to make faces (almost a smile) when I give her kisses and talk to her (in that baby voice). 
She doesn't mind being bathed and is getting better about getting her diaper changed.  She still will occasionally poop or pee on us (yes she is horrible at that :).  She has a blow-out a couple of times a week and generally when we are out some place so I always have to make sure to have a back-up outfit.  I should start throwing in a coordinating bow for as often as she wears that back up outfit :). 
We just switched her to size 1 diapers, they are a bit big but they help with the blow-outs (sometimes!).  She is starting to wear 0-3 month clothing, mostly for length.  She is really long but still pretty thin but filling out!  I think she must weigh about 9 lbs. by now. 
She has all things pink and mommy is finally finding time to make her a few new bows to go with all of her outfits she has been given!  We went on our 1st mommy-daughter shopping date and got her "girly" stuff for her nursery (post on that soon!).  She is a trooper going here, there and everywhere for all of our activities. 
We love her SOOOOO much and we are so blessed to have her.  She is just so sweet, small, lovable, cuddly and perfect in God's image.  We are so thankful that we can raise her up and that God entrusted her with us.  Happy 1 month baby girl!  We love you soooooo much - words cannot express!!!!

PS Big brother is adjusting well - he does not like when she cries and FREAKS out for us to get her but loves to kiss her, sing to her, kiss her and is very protective when others try to check her out!