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Why the name?...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vera Ann Port

Where did we find that name?  To be honest we have had it picked for almost a year now and I can't even remember where exactly I came up with it from.  It is not because of Vera Bradley or Vera Wang and actually those things made 2 strikes against the name for me.  Also the pronounciation stressed me out.  We call her V-ear-u not V-air-u....

BUT Scott and I are super duper picky and we like unique, classic 20's and 30's style names - names like Emmaline, Grace, Ruth, Lyla, Lola, etc...but neither one of us coul agree on any EXCEPT Vera.  The name is super duper important to us because it has to grow with you - it can't just be cute as a baby name, or alittle girl name or an old lady name.  You may remember that Scott has to make sure it sounds good on a loud speaker, on a resume, on a billboard, as a young professional, etc. etc.

SO THE NAME...Vera means faith well that was a huge draw when we found that out as we read the baby book.  Another bonus Solon can say it....but it is not a family name.  Since her 1st name was not a family name we had to make sure to get something familial in there (important to Scott and I to honor our family) so her middle name is Ann.  She is named after my Grandma Wetherbee.  She is a TREMENDOUS lady.  She is full of life,  a sweet hostess, a kind soul, hard worker, and will take the time to send you your favorite cookie in the mail just for fun...she is also a fabulous mother and mother-in-law and AWESOME grandma.  Someone we hope Vera could strive to be like.  A woman that is strong, devoted and LOVES her husband and family more than anything else!!!!  ( can you tell I LOVE her to pieces).

We also knew we needed something equally as unique as Solon SO we settled on Vera.  We are in love with her and think her name suits her perfectly.  We pray she loves it as much as we love her an her name!  There you have the story of her sweet name....
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