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Vera comes home...

Monday, September 19, 2011
She was all dressed up with some place very special to go...
Love those cute little feet - yum!!!
So tiny and ready to go (it was a chilly September day - only 60)
Mommy and Daddy are ready to go too...
...and all buckled in!

She did great and snoozed the whole way home!  Solon was SO excited to welcome us home.  He rocked her in her car seat, pointed out all of her body parts, showed her his room and then her room, and then they both took naps and so did mama!  We are so happy to be home as a complete family and get adjusted to our new routine!!!
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  1. Yay that she did not put up a fuss to be in her car seat. Judson wailed his first huge wail when we put him in. It made for some funny pictures though! So glad you are all home and adjusting well!!


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