Meeting the grandparents...

The proud grandpas (Dale - Scott's dad and Bob - Erin's dad)
The whole gang - they waited ALL day and were so excited
(Wetherbee's to my left and Port's to my right)
The Wetherbee Gang
The Port Grandparents

 They were all on pins and needles all day and then we did something really really mean :) SMILE!  We called them and said "baby" had arrived and come to the hospital - we didn't tell them anything! When they arrived, we took Solon back first so he could acclimated to the room and meet his sister first and then him and Scott went to get them all - his mom said we were "torturing them".  Last time Scott got to tell them the good news so I wanted to be able to share too this time.  When they walked in Little Vera was wearing a bright pink flower (yep I threw it in just in case - ha!) and both moms screamed "It's a Girl!".  Everyone thought I was having a boy so another super big surprise.  Of course they loved on her right away and phone calls, texts and eating my dinner (a high priority for a starving mama) ensued....