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Meeting Big Brother....

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Kisses from Solon...

Saying "Hi Vera!"
Showing her one of his big brother gifts

(great idea by my Aunt Chris - he had a bag of gifts called his "big brother" survival kit and each time he came to vist he got a special gift just for being a big brother.  It kept him entertained while visiting and he felt so special to get his own gifts - nothing huge just perfect toys to keep him busy - like the matchbox cars - Thanks Aunt Chris!!!)

We have had our ups and downs with Solon "liking" his sister.  He is doing better now that we are home.  He did not like daddy especially holding her.  He would say "no baby" and try to push her away...but now that we are all home he has not said that once.  He likes to watch her, talk to her, touch her, rock her in her car seat, and help mommy with throwing diapers away.  He especially interested in watching her eat...*smile.  We explained she drinks milk from mommy and he totally thought that was great!  I think the more that we get into a routine the better.
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  1. Glad things are going better now that you are home!! I hope they just continue to get better and better and that your routine comes naturally! I am sure it can be hard at first, but you figure it all out so that when it is my turn with 2 you will have all the answers! :)


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