Grandparent Love...

We had a lot of help from our parents when our little lady arrived...Solon and Vera soaked up all the love.  We also got a lot accomplished.  Scott and his dad got rid of a TV, "we" (Marty) painted Vera's room, got laundry caught up,  ran a few errands, hadwarm meals on the table, floors name it.  It was so nice to have the help!
Grandma Love...
Nana even took Cy for a couple of walks - she has a friend for life (poor Cy has gone down another notch in the rankings :(
Solon is such a good helper - he helped make dinner and set the table!
Vera had some nice naps on all the grandparents too :)
Oh and we had some tackle football matches in our living room...(can you tell Solon was HAPPY!)
...and a few reading sesions as well!

Thanks for coming to help and ease our transition to a family of 4!