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Football in the backyard is so much fun...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
When asked today at lunch if he (Solon) was ready to play with daddy for a few minutes, Solon shouted "YES!"  and then when asked if daddy is more fun than mommy, Solon shouted "YES!" and let out a hardy giggle!  That pretty much sums up these boys relationship - they love to do all things MANLY (and I just can't compete :).  So I just capture it all with my camera and take in the beautiful sight that God has blessed me with.  It truly is these moments that take my breath away and have me praising God for all He has blessed us with...

Solon loves to tackle and play football with daddy on these beautiful fall days in the backyard...

Who knows he might just be ISU's next big thing in about 18 years :)
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  1. These are so great!! I am sure there is much football in the future! :)


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