The Belly Project: Week 39 and just about done...

Size of baby: About 7 lbs and about 20 inches long

Baby's Resting HR: 144 (36 wks), 147 (37 weeks), 147 (38 weeks), 140 (39 weeks)

Total Weight Gain: 22.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: yes and I can actually wear some stuff I wore this spring because it is finally cool enough again

Gender: I am leaning towards BOY (very heavily) and Scott still thinks girl (so one of us will be right this time)

Movement: VERY ACTIVE!!!!!  I think it is going to karate chop right out the front :)  Afternoon and evening mostly

Sleep: pretty good - I am a little stressed because I am still only getting up 1 time at night to use the restroom so I have a rude awakening coming with every 2-3 hours - yikes!!!!!  On the good side, baby is not active at night so hopefully their days and nights are correct (unlike Solon)

Cravings: just really hungry - if I see something I really want I have to have it - like yesterday at Fareway nutty bars sounded so delicious and it tasted great on the way home :)

Symptoms: some sharp pains (baby's head :), pretty intense back pain/back labor, Dialated 4 cm and 50% effaced and baby's head is LOW :) (SO ANYTIME really), have more energy this week than I have in a while...good for nesting.

Exercise: walking daily

What I miss: I can't remember it has been so long...
What I love: getting to meet this baby SOOOOO soon!  Monday is so close! We go in at 7am and get hooked up to the petocin drip and from there they will give me the epidural (thank you very much) and break my water - baby should arrive within the same time frame Solon did (he was born at 5:02)....We shall see...check the blog for updates on Monday!!!!

And just a final note on pregnancy #2 - I have to say it has BEEN WAY different than the first time around. I know I have been prego the same amount of time but it has gone so fast and I don't feel as mentally prepared BUT I keep reminding myself that God has supplied all I need to be a mom of 2!  We are SO excited but know we are in for quite the ride with 2 children....lots of prayer and help from our families will be in order I am sure!  Stay tuned...
Final Non-stress test and baby put on the best performance yet - not so bad to sit in a dimly lit room for 20 minutes and have peace and quiet - it was NICE!