The Belly Project: 38 weeks and counting...

Size of baby: About 6.5 lbs and about 19-20 inches long

Baby's Resting HR: 144 (36 wks), 147 (37 weeks), 147 (38 weeks)

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs

Maternity Clothes: yep but sure do enjoy looking at non-maternity clothes for when I am all done in 11 days (I know it will take a few weeks but still :)

Gender: I have NO CLUE - today people told me girl at the doctor's office for the 1st time - any guesses out there????  Solon says girl (you know 2 year olds are really good at predicting **wink, wink)

Movement: nap time, right before bed and right away in the morning or anytime I actually sit :0)

Sleep: pretty good - I will have a really good night followed by a lousy night - I can't complain for goodness sakes in 2 weeks I won't be sleeping at all :)  I am taking a daily nap while Solon naps - just preparing for that "sleep when kiddos are sleeping" mantality after baby's born!

Cravings: peanut m&m's, I eat kind of a light meal at about 8pm...apples, cherries, grapes and tomatoes are tasty...or hardy meal-type foods - love me some lunch and dinner and baby dropped so I have more room in my tummy again :)

Symptoms: some sharp pains (baby's head :), ouchy contractions (they showed up on my NST today so I am not just a total weenie), moved from 2 cm to 3 cm and baby's head is LOW :)  Not surprising...the bathroom and I are friends (Solon gets SO annoyed - he will say "mommy no!"), thirsty and very, very tired and nauseated

Exercise: just walking at this point - I figured I worked hard until 38 weeks - walking is okay for the next week!

What I miss: feeling normal and being a "normal" mommy to Solon (but I think that is evolving too - I just read a great blog about letting go of the mommy guilt you cannot control)

What I love: praying for a healthy delivery (I am getting nervous - I think because I know what to expect - I wasn't nervous last time), Talking to Solon about being a big brother and watching him be so affectionate towards me and baby, wondering who this little person we will be welcoming into our family will be - God knew before they were created, I can't wait to find out - the anticipation is getting to me!  This time I am so much more relaxed about everything.  I am anxious to have the baby but at the same time okay with waiting the 11 more days - we have fun things planned so I am not holding my breath, my emotions are staying in check (which Scott is SO thankful for)...