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Being a mommy of 2...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Well I have been such a good photographer and blogger but I tell you what the last 2 weeks have been busy.  I am lucky to shower by noon, eat breakfast before lunchtime, get some caffeine in my veins and make my house look like something besides a dump BUT I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mommy of 2 :).  It makes me smile when I read a book with 2 nestled against me.  I love that when I look in my rearview mirror I see 2 carseats and I love my special time with each child. So far I have dealt with the "mom guilt" that is inevitable in stride.  I read some place that there is "guilt" because you are in the wrong and there is "guilt" you can do nothing about (and that is the guilt that you have to let go of).  I think I am doing everything I can to keep the ship moving so I am letting those little birdies saying you aren't holding her enough, Solon isn't being played with enough, our clothes are still in the hamper and yet to be put away - those kind of things I am learning to just give to God and let go of.  You learn to be really flexible (even more so with #2).  Yesterday both children had a bath and I showered before noon - that was a large accomplishment (I know some of you might be snickering but others are sayin' AMEN!).  There are some things that I just have not gotten too like I want too - like blogging and photographing our little gal like I did Solon...BUT I did get her birth announcements ordered and her newborn pictures bought so we will have momentos when she is 18 :)!  I am so blessed to have such giving and generous friends who have brought over meals nightly - wow!  I forgot how totally awesome that is - I might cry on Saturday when I am back on duty.  And I just have to toot my husband's horn because he has been totally awesome with this transition - supporting me, stepping up and just going with the flow (as he does best).  I was prepared for the worst and it has not been bad and I love to be busy and so this is good - our days go pretty fast ;).  I could do with a little more sleep, a chance to straighten my hair, make a phone call or go to the bathroom in private but I am pretty sure in 20 years when I can do all that I will wish I was right where I am today - in a nursing tank top, comfy pants and my snuggly pink slippers :)!  So I blog only on the weekends now mostly and then have it automatically update so if you don't hear from me - it's because I am trying to catch one more minute of snuggle time, crashing cars, baking with little man, or spending time with my hubby!  God has blessed me and I have been praying constantly for my blessings - HE is good and I love my crazy, sometimes smelly oh so humbling awesome life!  Welcome to the world of 2 kiddos - I love it!!!! 
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  1. This post just makes me smile. I am sure it is crazy at points but you seem to be doing so well with it all. And so true to just enjoy it all now because as you said it will be missed later in life!


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