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A Trip to MN to Catch up with our TX Cousins...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
At the beginning of August, Solon and I headed to the lake to catch up with my TX cousins Maddie and Bailey who were visiting for the week.  They DOTE on Solon and Solon LOVES it and so do I!!!  They are so sweet and kind and polite (and I could go on and on...their mama would be so proud of them but I know she is smiling from Heaven at how AWESOME they are!).  I wish we could see them more but each time we do see them is special.  They were also able to travel down to Solon's 2nd birthday which was super special!
Solon loved the swinging...(um I got this AWESOME new DSLR camera from my bday and I am in love :)

Solon chillin' and nearly asleep with mommy...
Surveying the lake while we stop for some gas...
Maddie, Aunt Cindy and Bailey
It was so warm, the water on the beach was kind of, almost, dare I say it, HOT...so we parked in the middle of the lake where the water was much cooler and jumped in.  Solon was a little nervous at first but he loved swimming around with everyone and "jumping" in with some help from everyone!  My life jacket is gynormous because It had to fit around my belly :)  Maddie thinks they need to make pregnancy life jackets...
The crew (minus my mom) enjoying the nice refreshing water!
So my mom taught him to "chill in the tube"...I think he got the hang of it!
Bailey, our only resident fisherman...he lost the pliers in the lake and went diving for them...he found them but hence the large pair of goggles...he is the only one that loves to fish and when he wasn't doing something on the boat or jetski - he was fishing...can't believe he is going to be in high school - yikes!
Had to include this shot of my mom and Aunt Chris - it is ABSOLUTELY a hoot to watch them ride - their facial expressions and screams nearly make you pee you pants!  They are good sports...
Oh and Bella - Solon's favorite dog!  He talks about her all the time, likes to pray for her, and always asks where she is.  He loves her so much because she gives him lots of attention and she is so sweet!

This was our last visit to the lake for the summer (tear!).  I am now confined to the general vicinity as we are reaching the end of my pregnancy.  Can't believe next time we step in the water we will have a 8 month old and an almost 3 year old - I think we might be PRETTY busy next summer but luckily we have lots and lots of willing help!!!  Lake life is the best!
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  1. Looks like a great time!! Crazy to think about how different next summer will be!! I love the picture of Solon swinging and the one of him looking around while on the boat!! So glad you are happy with your new camera!!


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